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"There is no other type of workshop that I have ever experienced… where participants go through this many challenges and solve them in such a short space of time, whilst applying ITSM and DevOps best practices, improving communication channels, and having fun"

Who we help


Our simulation workshops have helped dozens of the world’s biggest companies in IT, finance and manufacturing to earn the support of their staff for real organisational change.


Global consultancies and IT solutions providers use our sims to show their clients – not just tell them – that they understand their pain points, and can remedy them.

Training providers

Independent training providers use our sims to bring their courses to life, and to provide context for the material through the participants’ lived experience.

"It’s tactile… it’s visceral and impactful; it can open other people up to seeing your mission and purpose"

What we do

Your people get together in one room for one day for the workshop. The simulation is run by a Sunburst-accredited Facilitator – we can provide Facilitators, or we can train up Facilitators from your own staff. The Facilitator guides the team through the experience. It’s intense, but it’s also safe, collaborative, and fun.

The team are put in charge of a simulated organisation. They perform tasks and face challenges that they can relate to their day jobs. They experience the realistic day-job problems of silos, communication barriers, and lack of joined-up thinking. When things go wrong, it’s time to stop, collaborate and listen. Guided by the Facilitator, they share their pain points, find solutions, and try again, facing harder challenges – and succeeding!

By the end of the day, they’ve found new ways to break down silos. To understand their colleagues in other departments. To improve their processes. And they’ve discovered these solutions for themselves. Cynics and sceptics are won over and become champions of change. Now your organisation has seen what bad looks like, and knows how to find the good – and they’re engaged and enthusiastic because they’ve been involved in the process.

Our flagship simulations Polestar ITSM and Esprit Ways Of Working are aligned to ITIL® and DevOps best practices, but the impact reaches far beyond that. ITSM, enterprise service management, Lean, Agile, project and portfolio management… if it involves getting people to understand each otherwork together, and drive improvements in their processes and tools, then our simulations will bring it to life in a way that truly connects with people.

"…as I let go and I was immersed in the sim… I became emotionally impacted… by the experience of being in that room and watching things change quite profoundly"

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